With the Covid-19 challenges this year, RYB is changing it's model for 2020.  Instead of collecting used bikes and refurbishing them, we have made a deal with the Huffy Corporation and buying new bikes to give away.  This keeps our volunteers safe ... and we still create the magic of bicycles for kids in foster care

Pick a size.  Pick an age.  Click and Order a Bike for a Kid.  It is just that easy!


​​A bike is special and so are these kids!

We serve every age of kids in foster care ... some are in foster family settings, some are in group homes and some are with relatives.  It doesn't matter the ages or situations of the children who get bikes,  we also want to keep them safe.  Thanks to the generosity of companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, every bike goes out with a helmet as well!  

This is a simple and easy way for you to support a kid in foster care.

We hope that you will click on one of the boxes above and purchase a bike for one of these special kids.  

And yes ... AZAFAP is a non-profit organization and we can give you a receipt,  but the memories you keep are for you and that kid in foster care.

Learn more about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit for Foster Care and how you can a dollar for dollar tax credit on your AZ taxes by clicking here. 

Thank you for thinking of us!!!

26 inch bikes are our greatest need.  These are for older kids who use them for both work and school!  We have this size on nearly every college campus in Arizona for kids in foster care who are trying to get a degree.  The cruisers are especially popular here!

Buy a bike for a kid in foster care

20 inch bikes are our most common requested! Perfect for the first bike without training wheels!

16 inch bikes are per for the tikes and come with training wheels and streamers!

12 inch bikes are per for the little ones and come with training wheels

24 inch bikes are for the "tweens".  They are multi-speed and great for getting to school!